& today was a day just like any other...

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Here’s an idea: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

I have decided that I will never be able to live alone. I am FREAKING out with all the weird crap that keeps happening.

I will forever be the girl that gets overlooked. I will never give up trying to be okay with it.



The scariest thing about this whole path is knowing that I literally will be gone from you. I’m not the clingy type, but you’re the only thing I will be sad to lose. Maybe I won’t lose you; who knows? But we’ll be apart & you’ll be doing your thing & I’ll be doing mine & it’ll be tough to think about you sleeping next to someone else or kissing someone else. I swore I’d never let a guy hold me back; so, obviously, I’m going to do what I have to do, but it’s not any easier to accept that I’ll be leaving one of the few people with the purest hearts I’ve ever come across. I’m all for us ending up together if that’s what happens, but I don’t want to hold myself back & regret it later. It’s hard to tell you because I don’t want it to hurt. I can’t imagine what it will be like & it scares me to death, but I know you’d never want me to put my life on hold for you & I’d never want you to do it for me either. I don’t know how I’m going to tell you. /:

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This song just touches my heart. <3

I want a good guy friend that I could take to my prom.
*Sigh* :/

I’m fine on my own. & that’s what scares me. That I literally don’t want to be with anyone. I’m simply content being alone & not loving.